15 Years of Excellence in Defence Manufacturing

At EPA Manufacturing, our commitment to innovation and precision engineering stands at the forefront of revolutionising defence solutions. As part of EP Group Ltd, we proudly deliver a comprehensive array of Small Arms Ammunition (SAA), Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), and associated defence products that integrate cutting-edge technology to combat evolving threats on a global scale.

Pioneering Technology for Global Security

Trusted by armed forces, governments, and national security entities worldwide, EPA Manufacturing is a beacon of trust and reliability.

Our deep understanding of operational intricacies empowers us to design and produce products meticulously crafted to tackle the complexities of today's asymmetric threat landscapes. With over 15 years of establishment, we have emerged as a prominent player in the Small Arms Ammunition industry, continuously expanding our product range to meet the evolving demands of defence strategies.

Our Purpose-Built Facility: A Testament to Innovation

Located near Wickenby, our new home represents our unwavering dedication to progress and sustainability. Formerly an aircraft hangar built in 1942, extensively refurbished in 2022, our facility stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing defence capabilities.

Once completed, this site will boast eight magazines, additional production buildings, and dedicated testing ranges, including a 10m range for testing 30mm ammunition and a 300m test range.

Covering a vast area of 12.6 Acres (51000m2), our purpose-built site is meticulously designed for efficiency and sustainability:

Production Area

Spanning 1350m2 (14500ft2) with an additional 300m2 (3200ft2) of mixed-use space, totalling 1650m2.

Office Space

Offering 600m2 (6500ft2) spread across three floors, providing an optimal working environment conducive to innovation and collaboration.


A total of 840m2 (9000ft2) for storage complemented by a mezzanine of 300m2 (3200ft2) for mixed-use, ensuring efficient logistics management.

Environmental Initiatives

Our commitment to sustainability is evident through our eco-friendly practices:

Planting 2725 trees, 900 shrubs, and 450 meters of hedging to enrich the local ecosystem.

Expanding existing ponds to double their size, promoting biodiversity.

Implementing solar technology in the forthcoming range, harnessing renewable energy.

Utilising ground source heating, rainwater capture, water treatment, and energy-efficient LED lighting with proximity control.

Performance Testing & Training Facilities

We have 2 internal fully equipped and instrumented test ranges, and two external test ranges; one 300 meters long for calibres up to 30mm, including high explosives, and a purpose built range for calibres up to 30mm for testing rounds containing heavy metals like cobalt.

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