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EPA – Company Statement: COVID-19

Dated 14-05-2020

We like almost every business are in a state of flux and uncertainty and are all trying to do the right thing. Unfortunately, there isn’t a template or a set of instructions for the situation we are all finding ourselves in. Disruption is inevitable and working from home is not really an option for us.

We have for the past few weeks been watching closely on how things are developing and how we can continue in business. Our immediate priority is our staff – their well-being and that of their families and friends, at the same time we are trying to match that with the needs of the business.

EPA has had many hurdles to overcome, to keep functioning, sourcing raw materials, finding ways to get them delivered and delivering goods to customers, which is already proving difficult, however, we are finding solutions.

In order to keep maintain our business and run safely and efficiently as possible we have introduced many changes, 20 separate work areas have been created, to allow staff to maintain a safe working distance, new cleaning regime and hand washing is mandatory. Work patterns, working times and operating procedures have all been changed and improved to help keep everyone as safe as possible.

We are very much open for business and are fortunately very busy running 2 shifts and looking to take on more staff.

We simply ask our customers to try to plan as far ahead as possible and to expect slightly longer lead times, however we will always do our best to meet any urgent requirement.

Stay well and stay safe.



EPA manufactures ammunition and supplies UK MoD and UK Police
forces as well as many specialist operators around the world.


Continuously working alongside operators and weapon manufacturers,
offering a unique, almost bespoke service, fine tuning our ammunition to
ensure our clients maintain a tactical and ballistic advantage.




EPA Manufacturing Ltd is a prominent UK Defence company delivering a diverse range of bespoke defence projects from concept to completion. We have quicky established a good reputation for innovative products and solutions for the UK MoD, CAST and private companies, with many completion projects to our credit. We are licensed for all types of energetics and pyrotechnics, plus Home Office approved for all types of weapons and ammunition.

EPA Manufacturing Ltd are continuously forward thinking and are always striving to improve and think of better ways to bring existing products into the 21st Century.

We operate from a purpose built manufacturing facility at Faldingworth in Lincolnshire with large energetic storage capability including high explosives and production facilites capable of producing over 2 million rounds of sniper ammunition per year.

We are homologated to CIP through the London Proof House, which means all our ammunition is tested to CIP standards and approved by CIP.


In addition we are able to test NATO EPVAT and SAAMI standards.

We are also an ISO 9001 registered company.

To support our manufacturing we have a dedicated R&D facility with full ballistic test suite.

We have a dedicated trained and skilled workforce used to dealing with complex energetic products and are able to conduct R&D projects and testing to all International Standards.

We have our own 25 meter fully instrumented ballistic test range, a 10 meter fully instrumented CIED test range, licensed areas for load development and testing to NATO, CIP and SAAMI standards.

In addition we have high speed video, standard video capture, velocity pressure equipment for CIP, SAAMI and EPVAT standards. Muzzle flash and sound recording, target impact analysis and dust ingression testing.


We manufacture a wide range of products, specialist ammunition, sniper extreme, designed for police and military use, offering many advantages over conventional ammunition. Calibers from 5.56 up to 12.7mm, in all natures, expanding, lead free, armour piercing and armour piercing incendiary.

For CIED we manufacture a wide range of disruptor cartridges in 12 gauge and 12.7 (50BMG).




partners & clients

EPA Manufacturing are actively seeking new partners and agents.
Please contact us for more information.


EPA needed somewhere for it’s own internal testing, proofing and charge weight assessments, so 5 years ago we
converted a disused building at Faldingworth into a dedicated R&D facility.

As a direct response to clients requests, we have expanded this considerably with new equipment, more range space and additional trained staff.

We now routinely conduct testing for a number of companies and the UK MoD.


A quality case is as important as a quality bullet!

EPA is a small, high quality ammunition producer that demands the best cartridge cases
possible to ensure the finished ammunition product is as good as it can possibly be.

Sourcing good cases has always been difficult, having to rely on the larger producers and often finding we are never a priority. Long lead times and sometimes poor quality causes many issues.

Meeting the team at Petersons just over one year ago was a breath of fresh air. Finally we had
found a company that was small enough to care and large enough to supply our needs.

Working with Petersons has allowed us to jointly develop high quality special cases for all our ammunition needs.

Both companies work together to ensure everything produced is the best it can be, always looking at ways to improve, consistency and quality.

Being able to explain to Petersons exactly what we need and then having them produce it has impoved the quality and consistancy of our ammunition products. It’s like having our own case making plant on hand to do whatever we need, even custom head stamps, for small runs of fewer than 10,000 pieces is possible.


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