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EPA Manufacturing offer a number of courses tailored to suit your requirements.
For more information about the courses below please email us or give us a call.

Shooting Scene Reconstruction Course

This course has frequent LIVE-FIRE components to it!
You will see how the evidence at shooting scenes is generated

Practical, hands on trajectory measurement techniques, and a comparison of known
impact angles to measured angles in walls, cars, other objects and materials.

Training in correct usage of trajectory analysis equipment
(Rods, lasers, protractors, 3D laser scanners and more).

A thorough review of small arms ammunition and projectile design
characteristics critical to shooting reconstruction.

Examination of shooting reconstruction as a well founded aspect of forensic science.

Review of common questions and issues in shooting incidents. (Case illustrations).

Instruction in shooting incidents investigation and reconstruction procedures,
as well as basic crime scene procedures.

Case investigation approach and philosphy.

Cover the properties of specific terminal ballistic events (Shot sequence, direction of fire etc).

Examination of projectile penetration, perforation and deflection characteristics of
sheet metal, glass, wall materials, wood, tyres and more!

A complete review of fundamental exterior and terminal ballistic properties of projectiles.

Laboratory examination aspects of recovered bullets from a reconstructive standpoint – the Lacordian Principle and trace evidence considerations.

Chemical tests to determine whether a suspected impact site is, or is not bullet/pellet created.

Cartridge case ejection patterns.

Shotgun ballistics and pellet pattern analysis.

Introduction to 3D laser scanning as the cutting edge method of crime scene documentation.

Written final test… Test your knowledge, what have you learned?

Certificate of completion.

Photography Course

This course covers all aspects of photography for preparing the photographic
evidence from a scene for a court case.

 How to shoot a correct image sequence without disturbing the scene.

 Correct lens choice for each image.

 Depth of field selection.

 Lighting a scene when required.

 Macro photography.

 Camera set up and handling.

 File formats.

 Correct camera/lens angles.

 ISO selection and why.

 Storage of files and backup procedures.

 Live image tethering.

 Preparing images for court.

 and more…

Firearms Identification & Safety Course

Other courses also available

Understanding Ammunition

Types, function, purpose, reloading, components, safety, legal and regulations.

Precision Shooting

Trajectory, range, estimation, scopes, windage, internal and external ballistics.

Explosion Scene Examination

Understanding explosion damage and scene indicators, scene processing and evidence recovery.


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